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Tech Terms


collected from How-To-Geek

  1. Stermmer*
    A Stemmer (a.k.a. Stemmer Algorithm and Stemming) is an algorithm (software) that functions by searching for and recognizing stem words (base roots) that are embedded in other words, like “make” in “maker”, for example.
    Stemmers are helpful for lexical purposes in online dictionaries, heuristics in file management, etc

  2. Storage At the Edge
    Storage At The Edge (a.k.a. Edge Storage) refers to the storage strategy and backup routines for preserving valuable data on portable and/or mobile devices like mobile phones, small tablets, notebook computers, digital cameras, etc.

  3. Storage Provisioning
    Storage Provisioning refers to the process of assigning storage capacity/resources to servers, computers, mobile devices, virtual machines, etc. as needed or required.

  4. Storage Virtualizaiton
    Storage Virtualization refers to the grouping together of multiple physical network storage devices so that they appear to be a single storage device that is managed from a central location.

  5. Straw Man
    A Straw Man is a temporary rough draft/proposal, crude plan, or prototype solution put together with incomplete information that helps a team discover disadvantages, problems, etc. and build it into something better during the development process.

  6. XHR: xml http request

  7. AJAX: asynchronous javascript and xml

  8. Swirl
    Swirl is the term for the static and background noise that is sometimes heard
    on mobile phones.

  9. Syntheti Backups
    A Synthetic Backup combines a full backup of data/information and any
    modifications/changes made with one or more subsequent incremental backups. The
    incremental backups themselves only consist of changed data/information since
    the last full backup.
    Synthetic Backups are referred to as such because they are not created from
    original data/information, but from two or more files that have been “merged” by
    the backup application being used.

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